Monday, June 7, 2010

Cherry Cable Sweater

Last night I picked my first tomatoes from my garden, of the cherry variety. I was thankful there were two or there might have been a slug fest in the backyard over who was going to get to eat it. There is nothing quite like eating fresh tomatoes right from the vine.

The cherry tomato is a nice segue into my short sleeve sweater, also known as the Cherry Cable Sweater. The pattern is a nice intro to cables with just one down the center. The original pattern had long sleeves but I improvised. The first shot shows the sweater in process without the collar and sleeves.

The next picture shows the finished project. It was just perfect for the weather today, sunny but a little bit cool.

I am continuing to make progress on my purse, but it seems to be going slow and I feel that I am getting project a.d.d., especially since I went to the library this weekend and got some knitting books to look at.....BIG MISTAKE! I need to stay focused, that is my new mantra. We will see how long that works for me......

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