Thursday, June 3, 2010

Easy Peasy Hat in Cascade Yarn

WOW! My body did not want to get up for work today. I can't think why that would be. Looks like a drier day ahead for us, yeah!

Today's project features Cascade Yarns in 9409, which I call a black and navy tweed. I originally purchased this yarn at one of my LYS, Friends of Wool with the intention of making a felted back pack. As always, fate steps in. My son desired a new hat for winter and that was the ONLY yarn that would work for him. Since I am an indulgent mama, particularly when someone wants me to knit for them, I made him a ribbed hat from a free pattern on the internet called the Easy Peasy Hat. It was a hit as he wore it all winter and into the spring. One of these days, I will get that back pack made....

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