Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hyacinth Tank is Started

Started work on my new project (I know, I know, I am not done with 5 other projects in my basket yet). For the body of the tank, I am using Bernat Satin Sport in Lilac Lace. Since I don't like the name they chose, I am renaming it to hyacinth. The crocheted trim will be in Bernat Cotton Tots Lovely Lilac. I must have been in a purple mood this week since I bought a new tee while shopping this weekend that is purple and I wore purple yesterday to work.

The body is easy easy easy, row 1 is a simple p1, k1 with row 2 knit all. Kind of an interesting looking rib pattern.

This will be perfect for my car ride to OH later this week, for those wondering, I am not driving, I am riding. I like to multi task but not at the risk of other's lives.

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