Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Multi Tasking, Knitting and Frogging

My two cats, Georgie (the black) and Misha (the longhair) love to watch the birds just outside the window. Somedays, they get so excited that they forget they are behind a window and they run full tilt and the window and crash into it. I used to laugh at this behavior, but more and more, I am finding myself smashing into the window (metaphorically).

Last night, my efficiency got the better of me. I turned on the laundry, helped my daughter study for her science test by reading questions from the study sheet and picked up my purse to start knitting. For a whole row I am humming to myself,"I am so efficient, I am so efficient, I am so efficient...." and then I smack into the glass, as I realize that I am knitting with mulberry instead of charcoal EEEKKKKK!!!!!!! The question of the day is - did I learn anything from this? Well you be the judge, but I was frogging that row back and reading the science questions at the same time, so I would say probably not.

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