Friday, June 25, 2010

Road Tripping and Kids

Heading to Detroit area to visit my mother in law this weekend. Another great opportunity to get some uninterrupted knitting time in on my hyacinth tank. Prior to departure, I have a supplier visit up in Ludington, so I picked up a rental car for the trip (corporate policy regarding number of miles traveled). When I pulled the Dodge Magnum into the garage, my young son looked on horrified. "Where is the van?" He asked. "Oh, its at work, I will pick it up tomorrow afternoon before we leave for Detroit," I responded. "Good, because I want to watch a movie on the way to grandmas," he points out as he walks away.

I remember the days when my family had a car and the three kids rode in the back all together AND we didn't have the ability to even watch a movie during car travel. We had to keep ourselves entertained......sigh...

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