Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Close and Yet So Far

Why does going to get your hair done at the salon make you feel so good? I just got back from my monthly therapy cut and style and I feel rejuvinated. Just hours earlier, I was feeling sort of grumpy and tired. So, if I went every day, would I be even happier? Possibly, but I would also be broke with no money for yarn and no hair, which is positively depressing. I will let you wonder which is worse..... I think I will stick to 1x a month and call it good.

The hyacinth tank is coming along nicely, the top 5 rows of crochet are completed and I just need to finish the straps.

I caught myself looking at patterns today, found a really cool man's houndstooth scarf on the Cascade website. I can sense making this in the future for my husband or maybe dad. It would be a great Christmas gift.

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