Monday, June 14, 2010

When Twisting is No Longer Fun

Last night after dinner, we played Twister as a family. Even Georgie wanted to get involved. You know the game, right hand yellow, left hand blue, left foot green and right foot red. Suddenly, everyone goes down in a twist of limbs. Typically there is much laughter involved. Even though I had not played in years, I found myself smiling and really enjoying it. It seems genuine family fun, as opposed to picking up the Wii remote and mindlessly shooting at things. (But that is a different topic).

So when is twisting no fun? How about while you are knitting directly from your skein and suddenly you have a HUGE tangled knot. I admit that many times frequently I do not roll my yarn into balls before I begin my project - there I said it outloud. Isn't the first step to solving a problem admitting you have one in the first place?

My absolute WORST WORST WORST experience was knitting directly from a hank of wool. I know, I know, I can almost hear the collective GASP across the internet. It took me 2 hours to clean up that mess. My husband, bless his dear heart, wondered why I didn't just cut the yarn and start with a new ball. Are you kidding me? First, that would be a waste of beautiful and perfectly good yarn. Second, that would be admitting that I was wrong about deciding not to roll. Third, well, that would be admitting I was wrong.

So, now I roll my hanks. But I have not 100% converted on other yarns. So, whats your worst experience getting all twisted up?

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