Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cornflower Mohair is Done

I finally finished the cornflower feather and fan scarf. FINALLY! Working on a scarf with lace weight yarn and size 5 needles is not exactly speedy for this knitter. At the last minute, I was inspired by a pattern in a book I just purchased and I added crochet trim and then picot edges. I can't believe something that looks so flimsy could be so very warm.

Had a great foray to Barnes and Noble last night (how can a book store not be, really?) And I picked up some pattern books and romance novels. While checking out, the cashier invites me to their monthly knit a long. That was pretty cool.

Just getting ready to swatch (yes you read that correctly) for my next project, which is a jacket. I purchased the yarn this week while my sister in law was visiting. She was a good sport about going to my yarn stores, so I took her to her fabric stores (she is a quilter/sewer). All was good. I also got invited to another knit along, this is a weekly one at  Lizzie Ann's Wool Company. I was feeling pretty popular this week.

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