Friday, July 30, 2010

Fishing, Napping and Knitting

What a great day off I had today. Yes, I know, any day off from work starts as a great day. But, add a little fishing with the family, a nap in the afternoon and plenty of knitting and you know EXACTLY what I mean. My brother, the planner of the fishing jaunt and the specialist, planned our location at a little pond in his friends backyard in Zeeland, MI, just down the road from my house about 5 minutes. Who da knew good fishing was this close?? In addition, we got to go out on the paddle boat. The kids had a great time and the adults were pretty relaxed as well. My son summed it all up by saying,
"It is so very peaceful here."
I finished the first sleeve on the lettuce jacket and have started on the second already. I can't believe how fast this pattern is going, but then again I am using size 13 needles.......

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