Saturday, July 17, 2010

Out of Heather

I just started the garter stitch bottom of the Shalom sweater and (gasp) I ran out of wool. I ran to Friends of Wool when they opened at 10, ball band in my pocket. After scanning the shelves, I saw there was none to be had....NONE! She opened the excess inventory drawer and looked....NONE! So she is hunting down another skein for me.

In the meantime, I wandered over to the lace weight (a new section for me) and started evaluating what I might use for my fan and feather scarf. We discussed the merits of each and I finally settled on Douceur et Soie (pronounced do sir ay swah), a blend of baby mohair and silk that is simply heavenly to touch. The color is cornflower (yes another blue item). I love to touch it. Knitting with it is quite the experience as I am not accustomed to knitting with such fine yarn, it is almost like fuzzy thread. So, I am holding the fuzzy ball in my hand and trying to decide how much I need. After my last 2 experiences, I am thinking to buy more vs less. She says to me, well you can always return it if you don't use it. HAHAHAHAHA, I started laughing hysterically. When I could control myself I told her

I NEVER return yarn as there is always something I can do with it.

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