Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Up to My Armpits....or Should I Say Down?

Still in a bit of a funk today, but am feeling a little more chipper, which seems strange since I did not get my walk in tonight. I was blaming it on Don being tired, but really I was tired too. On the bright side, that was an extra hour I could spend knitting tonight on the Shalom sweater. It is going really well and I am just past the armpit. Because it is stockinette stitch, I will be adding sc trim around the arms, they simply do not seem stable enough without it. Perhaps it is the cast on method I used under the arm, but oh well. Not unhappy enough to rip back and try again when I know a little sc will do the trick. These pictures don't seem to do justice to the color, I think it may have something to do with the lighting in our family room and the fact that it is getting onto dusk. Another couple of days and I should have this project buttoned up - ha ha!

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