Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wooly Waffle Scarf

Working on Don's scarf, have gone ahead and made up my own pattern as I simply could not get the pattern I got off Ravelry to work. Oh well, patterns are supposed to be springboards for your own ideas, right? I love the chocolatety color of this yarn but not so fond of the splittiness of it. I can deal.

On my lunch hour at work I was squeezing in some knitting and my computer told me I needed to upgrade my itunes. I admit I am not a real dilligent upgrader of my itunes software and I don't use my ipod very much. I can almost hear the gasp from the internet. Well, I am in my 40s so I can blame it on that I guess. Anyway, the whole point of my story is that I had absoletely NO IDEA there were so many podcasts available about knitting. So I subscribed to a few (like I have spare time for this). If you know of a really good podcast about knitting, let me know.

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