Sunday, July 25, 2010


Took the family to Potter Park Zoo in Lansing this afternoon. It was a perfect day, sunny but not humid, with a slight breeze. This was our first foray to this zoo and it was worth the drive. It was obviously not a San Diego Zoo, but then again, what zoo is? It was small and intimate and not crowded, all pluses for this gal. The kids got to feed the goats and the birds and finish the day with an ice cream.

I really dug into the lettuce jacket today and got quite a bit of knitting done in the car while en route to Lansing. The pattern is really easy and looks really good. I still think the color is not lettuce, but hey, its not my yarn to name, I guess. I keep having this strange paranoia that it will be too small, but I keep measuring and it seems to match the pattern.......

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