Sunday, August 1, 2010

Photo Shoot

Yesterday I got my daughter to take photos of some of my knittng projects since I wasn't happy with some that I had posted out on Ravely earlier. Really, how are you going to inspire someone to make something when they a) can't really see it or b) see it only partially completed. Hence the photo shoot. It was during this time that I really finally realized that the lighting in my family room stinks. I am going to do something about this, but not exactly sure what yet. But I'm on it.

So, as I mentioned, I finished the Shalom sweater and the Lettuce Jacket, I did not get final pix on the Lettuce Jacket yet, so I guess that will be tomorrow's post.

I finally started on a shrug to match the hyacinth tank, I am about 2 inches in and a L-O-N-G way to go yet.

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