Sunday, August 15, 2010

So Far, So Good

We started our vacation a little crazy. We decided to drop Don's van off Friday night to get serviced while we were gone. On the way there, my low tire pressure light came on. So when we got back home, Don went to pump it up and discovered a screw in the tire, YIKES!!! So we drove back to get his van and dropped my van off at the tire shop to be patched. So, the next morning, I walked and picked up the van (only a 30 minute walk and I am no speed demon by any means). When Don got home from work, we were off to Sleeping Bear Dunes. We made great time and met his sister and her husband while we were there. The weather was fabulous and we enjoyed a picnic under the trees. All in all, a pretty great first day of vacation.

While we were driving, I couldn't work on the petunia tote since reading in the car makes me car sick and you really need the charts for that one, so I picked up the mulberry tote and started knitting on that again after quite a long hiatus. I might just finish that project yet!

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