Sunday, November 14, 2010

Knitting and Cooking

Yesterday my husband went to the library with the kids and picked up some movies for us to watch as well. Our choices for last night were Julie and Julia or Amelia. I was very intrigued by the Julie and Julia, so we decided to go with that one (or I guess I decided we were going with that one). So I got us all set up in the living room and brought over my latest knitting project (pearl haze scarf) and proceeded to watch the show. I thought it was kind of cool that Julie decided to write a blog about her cooking experiences with Julia Child's cookbook. Cooking was her therapy and knitting is mine. Julie got a little crazy about her blog, but in the end learned a lot about herself, her husband and cooking. It was a very fun movie.

I am cruising along on my scarf, it is so relaxing to work with kid silk haze as it is simply wonderful to the touch. If I stay focused (which is REALLY HARD for me) I will finish in a couple more days.

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