Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pearl Haze

So, I went shopping at Lizzie Ann's and I found this yarn on sale, Berroco's Seduce. Believe you me, I was seduced by its shine and deep green color. I could foresee a drapey scarf in my (or my sister's) future. So, I come home and decide to roll the yarn into balls so I can knit. As I have mentioned in the past, I am not always good about rolling into balls, it just seems like wasted time to me that I could be knitting; but I digress. So I start rolling and OMG, in about 4 minutes I have what looks like a rats nest. I work and work at it and finally pick the whole mess up and toss it into a bag, perhaps never to be seen again. I pull out a second hank and carefully try to roll it up, wow, I think it took me an hour! I was pretty cheesed off since I didn't even get to knit this day. So the next day, I promise myself I am going to knit today. I pull out a drop stitch pattern and cast on in 9s (pattern recommends going slightly larger than posted on ball band). After 4" I am not impressed with the look, it is too loose. So I frog and try with 7s. After 4" I am disgusted with the visual, it sucks and so I frog the whole thing. By now I need serious therapy as I am in a BAD MOOD. So I pull out my pattern for skacel ripple scarf and a ball of kid silk haze and start knitting. I am transported. I am happy. I am knitting.

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