Sunday, November 28, 2010

Round Two

So, after two Thanksgiving dinners with both sides of my family,  I finally sat down and actually knit today. AND, I did finish the hand warmer. I still think the thumb sucked, but I guess it is the best it is going to get and I was not planning to rip it back again. Instead, I got out my size E crochet hook and went to town on the inside of the thumb to fill the hole gaps. I think it looks better, but not great. If you look at the other examples on Ravelry, I would say others have done a much better job, but oh well. I am making these for my friend Beth, so hopefully she can overlook the thumbs. My friend Gina said they looked just fine, so I am going with her opinion. My daughter Elizabeth is modeling these for me since it is impossible for me to wear them both and take a picture at the same time.I feel warmer, just looking at the picture. Maybe its just thinking about hot chocolate?
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