Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Carols

Today was my son's second piano recital and I always feel sort of sentimental seeing my child up there in front of the crowd playing his songs. While they were not perfect, in my heart, they sound more beautiful because of the hesitations. A H-U-G-E thanks to his teacher Mrs. Rink who has the patience of a saint and shares the gift of music with many.

Today I got the opportunity to work on some more Christmas ornaments. I made more of the mittens I made previously but this time I actually used a Christmas-y yarn (if you can call it that), Vanna's Glamour, a fine weight acrylic with a metallic thread. I purchased white, bronze, red and cream (winter white). I just realized by looking at the label that this yarn is a Lion Brand, who knew? Obviously not the purchaser! Well, take a look and see if you feel more in the Christmas spirit!

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