Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Knitting for Hunting

My brother is a big hunter, by big, I mean he bow hunts, gun hunts, muzzle loads etc etc etc. Anyway, when I saw him at Thanksgiving, I told him that I wanted to make him something. He smiled and said he wanted a hat. Well, I had a pattern for that, I told him, what color? Blaze orange or camouflage. Hmmmmm, where the heck do you get camo or blaze orange yarn???? I go to my new knitters group on Ravelry and post the question. The recommendation comes back that Michael's has a camo thru Bernat. Another recommendation was Red Heart camo. I thanked them and my son and I headed off to Michael's. He was in charge of finding blaze orange (of which I was not holding out much hope) and I was in charge of finding camo. We walked up and down the aisles for a few minutes....mind you our Michael's is not that big. Surprisingly, Dan comes back and tells me he has found the blaze! He hands me a skein of coral colored yarn. So, I nicely explain the difference between coral and blaze orange (and wonder if my son might be color blind).Finally I locate the camo from Red Heart. It has a strange feel to it that I am immediately turned off by, but where else am I going to get camo yarn? Online I guess, but sometimes I am all about instant gratification. After a few hours of knitting, I have a camo cap for my brother that I hope he enjoys.

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