Thursday, December 16, 2010

To Seduce a Hook

I claim I am not just a purl girl and today's post is proof positive. I was interested determined to use the Berroco Seduce yarn I purchased a few months ago. Something just hit me today. So, I used a new and improved strategy to roll the hanks into a ball. Yes, the hank is hanging from the handle of my kitchen cabinet, and yes that mess below is my stash of cook books. It was amazing how much easier rolling the yarn went and I was a much happier camper than the last go around. My apologies Berroco, I guess I was just being stupid and lazy previously. I promise next time to use my head and roll appropriately.
I found an adorable pattern for a ruffled scarf on Ravelry the other day; for those of you that know me well, you are WELL AWARE that I do not wear ruffles. Don't like them. Never have. But these are different and much like the yarn seduced me, the pattern did as well. AND I really, really like these ruffles. AND I am almost done, that just might be the best part. Instant satisfaction feels really good some days.

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