Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Kiddos

Today we had family over to celebrate my kid's birthdays. Elizabeth will be 13 and Dan will be 9. Boy how the time does fly. I remember them being little babies and now they are getting quite independent. They had a great time, how can you not at that age when you are getting gifts?

Cool , more Legos
I made Jell-O cake for them per Elizabeth's request. I had never made it before (I know, you are thinking what???) so I bake the cake and poke the holes and make the Jell-O. Everything is going okay. Then I pour the Jell-O over the cake and it looks like I am making a Jell-O salad with a cake in the middle. I was a little a lot totally freaked out. Everyone was in bed, but I was tempted to wake up my husband to ask him if I should drain off some of the Jell-O. I looked back at the directions, it said to use it all. So I threw it in the fridge and went to bed. Plan B, if this didn't work, I would stop by Meijer's in the morning and pick up a cake from the bakery. My kids might not care if the cake was a flop, but I didn't want to mess up in front of my family......I peeked in the fridge in the morning and the Jell-O had all soaked into the cake, just as my husband had assured me. Yeah! I covered it with Cool-Whip and called it good.

 I kept the cats in the basement during lunch so they would not make pests of themselves, but the kids let them up and chased them around and got them generally riled up. Georgie was pretty tired out after everyone left, so he curled up on my recliner with me. I caught him mid yawn.....check out those teeth! I laugh every time I look at this picture. He almost looks mad or like he is yelling.

Well, off to knit for a couple of hours and relax, that ruby ribbed vest won't knit itself.

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