Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ice Carvings

We got about 12 inches of snow until it stopped sometime in the early hours of Saturday. I can't believe how beautiful it looks first thing in the morning before anything has touched it. Here is a shot looking out my slider onto my deck. Pretty neat, huh?

So what will bring hundreds of people to downtown Holland, MI on a 17 degree winter day besides something free? Friday and Saturday was the annual Downtown Holland Ice Sculpting Competition. While the retail shops may or may not have done great business, the coffee shops were definitely in high demand. My fingers were throbbing by the time we walked one block. I was wearing leather gloves, and was wishing for a pair of hand knit mittens! The sculptures were beautiful, typical themes were animals from the sea, like sharks, dolphins and fish, but there were a few unusual items like a squirrel with a fluffy tail. It was great to see so many locals out and enjoying the event. Here are a few sculpture photos:

Hammerhead Shark



 The weather was perfect for the event, although a little cold for my liking. Hopefully the 2012 event will have just as great weather and turnout.

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