Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Tweed is Next

Today was the day. Today I took my 3 gift certificates and went over to Lizzie Ann's to shop. I knew I had to get more yarn for the ruby ribbed vest, I only have 2 balls left and I am barely started on the front. I grabbed 4 more balls, hopefully that will be enough. I also found a really cool button for my vest. It is black with a spiral pattern about 2" in diameter. I think it will look very sharp. Then I started looking around for yarn for my next project. My husband is going to be the recipient of my next project. I found a great looking pattern in the November issue of Creative Knitting.  It is called a Men's Ladder Rib Vest by Edie Eckman.I looked around for a yarn that would be masculine looking, not too heavy or fluffy or shiny. Men are very picky. Especially mine. I finally settled on a yarn by Tahki Stacy Charles. It is called New Tweed and it is a combination merino wool, silk and viscose. I originally was thinking about an oatmeal color, but I eventually settled on the dark gray. I love the color and I hope he loves it just as much.

I finished the back of the ruby ribbed vest during my trip to Columbus and I have now started on the left front. I only have about 5" done on the front so far and won't have any shaping until 15" are 10" to go. It is a little faster going since there are only 130 stitches as opposed to the back with 178. I just need to stay focused. I am thinking about doing a crochet trim around the edges as I am not certain I like the unfinished look of the ribbed edging. We will see.

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