Thursday, January 20, 2011

Waiting Isn't Always a Bad Thing

While many people cringe when they hear that they are going to have to wait, knitters are excited. During down times, we can knit. The doctor, the dentist, the orthodontist, the airport, all are great opportunities to be productive and get a little be farther on that project. That was why I was looking forward to my latest trip to Columbus, OH.

Columbus is about 5 3/4 away from home via car. That is over 10 hours of knitting!! Unless you are flying to Europe or Asia or some other far away country, it is very difficult (at least in my life) to get over 10 hours of knitting in at one time. So, I hop in the back seat with my co workers in the front. If we get backed up in traffic, who cares, I've got my knitting! I did make certain to take extra yarn with me just in case. Yesterday I finished the back of the ruby ribbed vest and have started on the left front. I am feeling much more energized about the project, I think it is the sense of accomplishment that at least some of it is completed. The other positive was that I switched from my bamboo circular needles to my aluminum ones. There was a kink in the cable of the bamboo needles and I simply could not get it out. It was driving me batty, so I finally got up and switched. Much smoother going.

I got a little heckling from my co workers last night. They asked if I wanted to stop at Jo Ann's on the way back from the Olive Garden restaurant after dinner. Laugh all you want, I am knitting and loving it.

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