Monday, February 21, 2011

Climbing The Ladder

As expected, we had a "snow day" today due to the ice storm that hit Holland on Sunday. Since my laptop was home over the weekend, I decided to take a "snow day" too and work from home at the kitchen counter. Boy, I sure appreciate my leather Equa chair in my office after sitting on a wood stool all day. I suppose I could have moved over to the couch, but I was in a rhythm, scheduling meetings, declining others, updating spreadsheets and getting things out of my in box and onto the next person.

My first executive order of the day was to have the kids go outside. I fully understand what my mother meant when she said fresh air will do you good. So off they went. They promptly decided to throw snowballs at the defenseless snowman in the front yard. Hey, whatever keeps them busy and out of trouble.

I feel like I am making good progress on the charcoal tweed ladder rib vest for hub. I am in a good rhythm on this as well, having gotten past the arm decreases. The pattern is incredibly easy and yet good looking. I keep looking at the bag holding the rest of the yarn. Will I have enough? There is not much yardage on these balls, so I am feeling apprehensive....
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