Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Danno

yes, my son is eating sand from the beach
Today my beautiful son (and my only son) turned 9. It seems like only yesterday I was pushing him in the stroller or carrying him around. He really liked to be carried. His birthday meal of choice was (drum roll please) McDonalds. Its all about the toy. Don made him a cake, the anti cake to his sister's chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Yep, white cake with butter cream frosting.This time we had the right amount of candles. I booked the last hour of work and came home at 4 so he could open presents and we could eat and then get to our haircuts by 5:30. After we got home, I helped Elizabeth study. Consequently, the ruby ribbed vest is still in pieces. I am feeling kind of tired right now. Maybe I will get to it tomorrow.

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