Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Knit Together

Today, from noon to 3 pm, my LYS, Lizzie Ann's Wool Company, hosted a Super Bowl event. Typically, the store is not open on Sundays (not much in Holland is open on Sundays). This was my first time to attend a group knit ever and I really enjoyed it. I must admit that I did not really learn anyone's names, there were just too many for me to remember, but they were all helpful and encouraging each other, which was really neat to see. They usually have a knit along on Tuesday nights and I was invited to come on Tuesday, but I can't make it this week as it is my son's 9th birthday. It is a tough choice, dinner at McDonalds or knitting. I guess I know where my priorities are this time.

I spent 2 hours at the store and then came home and knit feverishly today, somehow getting that left side done has really kicked me into high gear. I have just started the decreases for the edge, it won't be too long now.
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