Thursday, March 10, 2011

Waves Without Embellishment

Finished the scarf, just in time for my trip. I took a few shots pre blocking, washing or embellishing. I think it looks pretty cool. It will be interesting to see how much blocking opens up the pattern.

Tomorrow morning we leave for a new supplier visit to Chicago. I checked the weather and I am positive it isn't going to snow, so we should not get stranded, but crossing my fingers for luck!

Since I am concerned about the width of the ladder rib vest, I am thinking to make the front a bigger size than the back, that should give the vest a little more ease. If worse comes to worse, I can add ribbed panels along the sides, but lets hope we don't need to go there.

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  1. Even cuter wearing it!

  2. Thanks! I should have it blocked and all ready to wear by Monday, whoo hoo!