Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bird Watching

Now that spring is officially here (even though it doesn't feel like it) the birds are out in full force in the back yard. Hub put out the bird bath and feeder last week and Chez Paul is back in business. Misha spent a lot of time checking out the new residents this morning.

Elizabeth and I had a fairly non restful night at the hospital and were glad to head back home this morning, although I was a little surprised that we were discharged before 7:30 am. The nurse had indicated that they would not be in during the night, but they were in the room before 2 am and again before 6 am. The view of the city lights was very cool, but my cell phone could not take a picture that looked half way decent so no sharing. After I picked up Dan from my mom's, I went to bed and slept until felt so good.

I felt somewhat human again after my nap so I made muffins and did some laundry and worked on the hand warmers for Elizabeth. If I can sit down for a few minutes I should get them finished tonight. Here is Misha grabbing a cat nap while waiting for the kids to get home from the library.

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