Friday, April 1, 2011

Knitting Limerick - No Fooling 2KCBW Day 5

Day 5 - Have a little fun on your blog in a totally unexpected (and hopefully entertaining) way.

A Handless Lady from Holland

A handless lady from Holland
Carried around a wool ball band.
If her knitting she brought
Then her friends often thought
How does she knit with a doll hand?

A handless lady from Holland
Ate only food that was all canned.
Since she was quite picky,
She ate nothing sticky
And had no issues with ball strands. 

A handless lady from Holland
Felt hot so she used a tall fan.
Though her friends would say
Go to the beach and play
She hated that it was all sand.

I sincerely promise I will not quit my day job!

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