Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Not Pretty in Pink

It all started with an innocent comment from my husband at the dinner table. "Honey, your eye looks a little red, does it feel ok?" I take a peek in the bathroom mirror, yeah it looks a little red, but I brush it off. So, today at work, one of my employees says, "I bet you have pink eye!" Oh right, I am thinking. But I walk back to the nurse who agrees, but tells me not to worry, it will clear up on its own. Hmmmm, that doesn't sound like anything I have ever heard, so I call my doctor's office where I am transferred to the nurse hot line. She agrees that it sounds like pink eye, but she gives me a, "THAT IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS, YOU DON'T NEED TO COME IN, WE WILL CALL IN A PRESCRIPTION FOR DROPS RIGHT AWAY!" One might think I had the bubonic plague or something. Well, I have already exposed all of our Zeeland facility for 1 1/2 days now, but I head to the pharmacy to pick up my drops. Hopefully this clears up soon as we have family pictures scheduled for Saturday afternoon.

While at the pharmacy, I did find something in pink that was pretty.

This weekend I was practicing beading with knitting, something I have never done before. I purchased a big jar of pony beads from Hobby Lobby.

I surfed the net (where better spot to get knowledge?) and found a really cool tip. Instead of stringing all of the beads on the yarn to start, you use a teeny tiny crochet hook and slip a bead on it and then hook the stitch you want it to slide over from your left needle over the hook, slide the bead past the stitch and then put it back on your left needle and continue knitting. It is sweet! So, here is what it looks like on my practice swatch.

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