Sunday, April 3, 2011

On My Mind

I saw this pattern on Berroco's website (actually in their email notification I signed up for) and I really was entranced. There is nothing really special about these little hand warmers, but they look so easy and yet so cool. I could use a pair of these, but not only that, I could whip these babies out for others in no time at all. And what a stash buster. Look for a pair of these soon from me!

I decided to start working again on my husband's ladder ribbed vest since I was going to have time this weekend. We are back in the Detroit area visiting my mother in law for the weekend. It feels really strange to be knitting with size 8 needles after having worked on the buttercream twist blanket on 13s. Also the progress seems a lot slower (boo). I only brought 2 balls of yarn with me and I am regretting that as I think I will run out of yarn before I get home later this evening. We stopped at Target last night off Outer Drive and picked up some things for my mother in law. I was hoping to stop at JoAnne's since it is right around the corner, but hub was not super receptive to that idea. So we didn't..... now I know why I shop by myself.
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