Sunday, May 29, 2011

Color Me Lovely

My hands are a bit tired, so I am stopping knitting for a break. I am not going to finish the buttercup shrug today, I only have 12 rows of the ribbing done on the bottom and the pattern calls for 19 rows. That is 184 stitches x 7, which frankly is more than my hands can handle today.

Today the day started off as sunny and warm but by the time we left church, it was already clouding up. The forecast indicated rain starting around 2 so we had and early lunch and then headed to the walking trails on the north side of Holland to get in some exercise before the rain. We saw a lot of turtles and frogs and one lone duck before we headed back to the van to head over to Chow Hound to pick up cat food (and check out the Humane Society kitties).

After having rain and thunder most of the day, I thought of the things that brighten my day, which are usually colorful.

My hanging basket on my deck

One of my buckets of marigolds
Giovanni our beta

Misha our little princess

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