Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garden Party

After a very wet week, it finally warmed up and was somewhat pleasant this weekend. Even though it was indoor weather, it seemed like there was not much time to get any knitting in this week. We went to a great fundraiser dinner for Compassionate Heart Ministries on Tuesday night and Dan had his school performance Friday night.

Saturday I dropped off my Project Linus blanket (finally) at Lizzie Ann's. Since I was already there, I decided to shop, ha ha! I indulged in some self beaded yarn and some linen blends as well. When we walked last night I wore my boucle earwarmer and boy I was thankful as the wind was chilly after the sun went down.

Today I finally sat down and got in a few more rows on my latest project. I must say I love this yarn, if is fabulous to work with and not the least bit splitty or rough on the hands.I thought I would show off the scarf in my flower garden in the back, the tulips are almost open, just in time for the Tulip Festival.
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