Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Sweet Little Buttercup

Elizabeth had a recital this week but I wasn't 100% certain she was going to make it as she has been really sick recently. I took her to the doctor on Monday and initially they had thought she had mono - which she didn't. It was just a bad virus I guess. She decided that since she was unable to go to her school orchestra concert that she wanted to wear her uniform to the recital. She did really well and as all parents are, I was pleased with her performance.

I did some shopping yesterday and I came across the BEST dress. It was from Kohls and is called the Chaps Babydoll Dress. I fell in love with it on the hanger, which is very unusual for me and after I put it on I was sold! I can't wait to wear it.

I got quite a bit further on the buttercup shrug, Elizabeth is modeling it for me. The ribbing around the neck and front is completed. The only portion left is the ribbing around the bottom and then the ties. I am going to add some decreases to the bottom even though the pattern does not call out for them because it will be too boxy otherwise.

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