Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Scarf Struggle

I love to knit. But lately I have been putting off working on my latest project, the lacy leaf scarf. I know I will never finish it if I don't knit it, but there was something about it that was bugging me. Yesterday, I came upon the answer. I had forced myself to sit down and work on it. My husband and I were chatting about his camping trip (more on that later) and I was struggling to knit, converse and follow the pattern. AHA! I can't memorize the pattern so I can't multi task with this knitting. That is what was bugging me! To help myself out, I cast on a shrug yesterday that has rows of seed stitch, very easy to memorize and multi task. I'll get back to the scarf, but I am just taking a little hiatus.

Roasting hotdogs

Hiking in the woods

Trying to get the frisbee
As I mentioned previously, the boys went on a camping trip on the north side of town. They were supposed to meet at the campsite at 6pm and then they were coming home the next day at 2pm. It started raining at 7:30pm. Need I say more? Boys being boys, I think they secretly liked playing in the rain.

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