Saturday, May 21, 2011

Shifting the Yellow Focus

I didn't make too much progress on the buttercup shrug today. After I checked the forecast and saw that it was going to be a warm and dry morning, I high tailed it to Englesman's Gardens to pick up flowers and veggies. We did plant seeds in peat pots for the garden earlier, but it has been so cold and rainy that they are not doing that great. So, I picked up tomatoes (regular and sweet cherries) and broccoli. I looked for lettuce but there was none to be seen. A lot of the vegetables were already picked over even though it was only 9:30 am. I also went with 2 flats of marigolds this year to keep away the rabbits. The fact that they are frost resistant is another plus in our area. I got all of the front and side window boxes planted, but I ran out for the pots in the back, so I ran out again for another flat in the afternoon, but by that time, it was (you guessed it) raining again.

I have 7" done on the left side of the shrug, 2 1/2 more inches until the short row shaping and then 2 1/2 more inches until the side is done. I like chunking the work up into manageable pieces as it seems to go a little faster.

While at the library today, I picked up a cd for learning Italian. It is only 3 weeks until we leave for Italy!!! I can't wait.

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