Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tulip Salad

The weather has warmed up enough to bring on the tulips. I am happy because next week is the Holland Tulip Time Parade and it would be a shame to have no tulips for the tourists, not to mention the locals. The rabbit who resides in my backyard is happy as well, since it provides good eating for him (or her).

I have been making very slow progress on my scarf, it has been a crazy busy week and not a lot of knitting has been accomplished, unfortunately. On the good side, I have been making reservations for my trip to Italy and the most fabulous news of all is that hub is going to go with me!! We are looking forward to our trip in June. I CAN'T WAIT!!


  1. Italy sounds like a very good thing to plan!! You can knit on the plane...but careful...they might pull the needles out of your work...ugh.

  2. I had that happen on my way back from Europe one time, but they did let me go since they are on the approved items list. Close call!