Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why 3 Needle Bind Off Isn't My Favorite

Yesterday I finished the right front piece of the buttercup shrug. I spent 15 minutes agonizing over whether the right side was the right side when I had the shrug on or when I was looking at it. Have you ever had moments like this that make you feel sort of inadequate? Well, I do. A LOT! The other thing that I pondered for quite some time was the fact that the pattern writer had 2 rows of short row shaping. When you are knitting with a size 6 needle that isn't a heck of a lot of variation between the two sides. I still haven't figured that out yet, but I am hoping once I try it on that it becomes more apparent. The moment of truth was the 3 needle bind off which I have not attempted in quite some time. I think it is just awkward, sort of like the first time you knit with dps, if you know what I mean? It looks ok, just it is a clunky process and I guess that is why I don't like it, since it doesn't feel rhythmic and smooth. Enough whining about attachment methods.

Took a walk with hub and the boy thru Van Raalte Farm tonight. It was pretty muddy yet, but very beautiful.
 The sun was shining, but depending where you were on the trail, you could be covered by the canopy of the leaves.
 The river was flowing quite rapidly due to all of the rain we have had recently.

Its a peaceful place to walk and enjoy nature only a few minutes from home.

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