Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why Measuring First Is Important

Yesterday morning I finished the buttercup shrug. The only modifications to the pattern I made were shorter sleeves (I didn't think I could take another set of short rows). I made 4 decreases at the bottom before I started the ribbing because it seemed a bit boxy for my back and I switched the ties to i cord instead of flat knitting. All in all, it was a quick knit.

Yesterday we were also given a blast of hot weather, the thermometer on my van read 90 when I left to pick up burritos for dinner. But onto my measuring first story. Back in the spring, our local Home Depot closed. I wasn't terribly disappointed as we still have a Menards and Lowes. During the 20% off sale, I convinced hub that we should buy matching storm doors for the front of our house as we had wanted them but had put off the purchase for quite some time. He agreed and off we went. Fast forward to yesterday, I convince hub to install the doors. We pull out the first door and bring it out front. And . . . . it doesn't fit the first door. Thankfully it fits the second door. So we installed. Now we just need to sweet talk our friends at Lowes or Menards to let us exchange the second door for another. Hopefully we can be persuasive enough.

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