Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hearing it Twice Does Not Make it True

My hub and I have a little joke, if you hear/read something twice, it must be true. In this internet day and age, with everyone copying everyone, it is very easy to meet our silly criteria. This week, however, our little adage was proven wrong.

I needed to pick up Euros for our trip to Italy. Hub told me the next time I was in Grand Rapids to stop by the 5/3 bank by the airport and get them. He knows this because that was where he picked them up for me the last time I went to France. I checked the 5/3 website and it said that you needed to order them and you can pick them up in 48 hours. Hub disagreed. I called our local branch (as I did not have the phone number to the Grand Rapids branch and our home computer was having its yearly fix at Best Buy - don't get me started on that topic) and they confirmed that I would need to order and pick up.

Well, the next day I was in Grand Rapids at a supplier and just down the road from the bank. I decided that I was just going to stop by (which is not normal for me). Sure enough, they had Euros. When I asked why the website and the Holland branch told me they were not stocked, she just shook her head and handed me her card and told me to call her next time. Ha ha!

I did not get a lot of knitting done this week with many things going on it seemed. I ended up with 25" of scarf with the first ball, so I was pretty happy with that since I had purchased 3 balls, this should get me right to the 70 plus inch mark. The garter stitch sections are a perfect area for connecting the next ball and hide the weaved in ends perfectly. Check out how it drapes so nicely.

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