Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

We left Saturday evening for Venice. Our route was from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis, to Amsterdam and then onto Venice. All of our flights went well, although we were unable to sleep on the long flight. Even with the lack of sleep, we managed to take a quick nap and then go out to dinner with my supplier that evening.

I have been working with my new supplier during the day doing training and developing our relationship, which is very important when you are so far apart from one another. I swear I have eaten more food in the last 2 days than I have eaten in a week in the US. Our hosts have been very good about taking us about and showing us the sights and translating for us. It makes it much more easy to do thing in this manner. The people have been so friendly and helpful.

Hub took over 150 pictures while in Venice, so he did a great job capturing this while I was at work. Today he went to see some Roman ruins while I was finishing up my work this morning. So, we are finishing up in the Venice area today and then we head north this afternoon almost to the border of Italy and Slovania. We will be staying on the island of grado. I can't wait for the next step on our Italian adventure.

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