Sunday, June 26, 2011

Italian Design Inspiration

While in Italy, you can see scarves everywhere. If people are not wearing them, they are being sold at the shops. Men, women and children are seen sporting scarves of every color and type. I did a lot of people watching while in Italy last week and I have been inspired by one of the lace scarves I saw there frequently. It is a triangle that is very long and not terribly deep. The trim is frequently ruffled or some other decorative edge treatment, but not fringe. I saw them worn with the widest point in the front, like a bib, with the ends wrapped around the neck and then tied in the front. Molto eleganza!

This has inspired my knitting thoughts and I am going to try to design a scarf like this for myself. I have some beautiful beaded yarn from Art Yarns that will be perfect. Watch my future posts to see how my concept is coming along.
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