Monday, June 13, 2011

Power Cables

I stopped by Barnes and Nobles this past weekend to pick up a tiny book on Italian to help us out on our trip. Since I can't help myself, I stopped by the knitting book section and browsed for a few minutes. I managed to get away with only one new book, but a very useful one, Power Cables by Lily Chin.

The cover photo itself is captivating, but once you open the book you will be thrilled with all of the tips Lily provides the knitter. Included in her tips are a dose of dry humor that leaves you with a smile on your lips as you turn the pages. Not only does she have easy to read charts, she also provides written directions to clarify the pattern, see the Gilligan's Island braid for that little gem of a story.

If you get a chance to review this book, check out the reversible honeycomb scarf, it is beautiful.
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