Saturday, June 18, 2011

Waiting for Mr. UPS

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The past few days I have been scurrying around trying to get things done before "the trip". I am glad we are leaving today as I am getting a bit sick of all of the planning. My patience is wearing mighty thin. I just want to go already!

I rented cell phones for use when we are in Italy. They were scheduled for delivery yesterday via UPS with signature required. So, I called UPS and asked, "what happens if I am not there when they deliver? Would I still get my package?" "No, I would have to call by 7pm and then pick it up at their service center." (45 minutes away.) Then I ask, "what time will they be at my house?" "Sometime before the end of the day." Do you have all day to just sit and wait for UPS to stop by your house? Seriously?

Since Hub and I had to go to a meeting in Grand Rapids, we tell Elizabeth, "don't open the door to anyone unless he has a brown uniform on and sign for the package he brings." We get home at 5, still no UPS. Great, I am thinking, we aren't going to get our phones. I check the website, still out for delivery today. We have dinner at 6. Spaghetti, ironically enough. We finish at 6:30. Still no UPS. Hub sees me looking at the clock for the hundredth time. He smiles as he is familiar with my patience or lack thereof, after all we have been married almost 17 years. I clean up the dinner dishes and then go to sit on the front step.

At 6:45 the UPS truck comes zipping down the road and past the house. Since I live in a subdivision, I know he can't get past me as my road is the only way out. Yes, I am ready to tackle the truck at this point (hysterical comes to mind). Slowly he makes his way back towards my house, craning his neck to see the house numbers. Conveniently enough, we just removed our house numbers to install our new screen door. So, I walk down our sidewalk and he yells out to me, "hey are you 254?" "Why yes I am." "I have a package for you." "I know."
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