Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Bad Lands and Mount Rushmore

We hopped in the car Tuesday night after our last home cooked meal and left for South Dakota. Our intent was to drive through the night and visit the Bad Lands and then drive onto Mount Rushmore and spend the night in Keystone, South Dakota. It worked out just as we planned (I can't believe it!!) and my husband and I traded off the driving every 3-5 hours, depending how we were feeling at that time. It was REALLY hot, I don't think it got below 80 all night long. The bugs were crazy and the front of my minivan looks like it needs a shave!

Even though I have seen pictures of the Bad Lands before, it is different in real life. We didn't do a ton of hiking there because the kids (and us) were pretty tired still. I got a lot of pictures and we enjoyed our time there. Then we drove on to Keystone, SD, the home of Mount Rushmore. Instead of doing that right away, hub took the kids down for a swim and I took a nap. Staying on our time zone has its advantages and disadvantages, we always get a great seat at dinner, but usually no one is serving lunch at our lunch time. Inconvenient, but we are getting used to 2 breakfasts a day.

We went to Rushmore last night and enjoyed the movie of how it was created. That man had quite a vision and made it happen.

Today we are heading to see Crazy Horse, and then we are going to head onto Cody, Wyoming, home of Buffalo Bill.
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