Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Bag-less Lady

Yesterday was a rough travel day. After a good meeting at our last supplier, we drove to the Bradley International Airport, which is located in Hartford, CT. We were supposed to depart via Delta around 2 pm, but upon checking in, we saw our flight to Minneapolis was delayed to the point that we would miss the connector home. So, we had them rebook us on a flight to Cincinnati and then Grand Rapids.

The new flight was not scheduled to depart until around 6pm, so we sat around and read. I finished the book I had been reading, Cleo, by Helen Brown (fabulous book, I recommend it) and then I started in on Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner, what appears to be a sort of Thelma and Louise type story (at least based upon what I have read so far).

Shortly, it was announced that this flight would be delayed around a 1/2 hour, which meant we would not catch our connecting flight yet again. So, after another long wait in line, we were rerouted to Detroit, with a plan to rent a car upon arrival and just drive home. Third time is a charm, right?

Upon arrival into Detroit Metro, we discovered (not that we were surprised) that our bags were not there. We were told they were already in Grand Rapids; how they could get there and we could not was beyond me, but I just took the baggage claim slip and headed for the rental cars.

After arriving at the Grand Rapids International Airport, we checked baggage and (surprise, surprise) no bags. I dropped off my companion and I drove the rest of the way back to Holland, finally getting home at 2am. What a L O N G day of travel!
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