Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flying With Scissors

I flew out of Grand Rapids airport on Monday afternoon on the first leg of my journey to New York and Connecticut. This past weekend, we were at my in laws in the Detroit area, so I grabbed my knitting bag from the first suitcase and transferred it to my backpack and then went on my merry way. When we got to the airport, I checked my suitcase and headed on to security. I was a little surprised that for this trip I had to remove my watch, I had travelled just 2 weeks prior and this was not an issue, but whatever. So, they scan my bag and then tell me they need to open it and check it out. Here is the dialog that transpires:

A man asks me in a stern voice,"Do you have a sharp object in your bag?"

I think about it, "Oh, yes, I have my knitting needles."

He looks me over and says,"It is a metal object."

I think further and then I realize, "Oh yeah, my scissors are in there."

He frowns and says,"This is not a scissors." He is holding it in his hand like it is some sort of weapon. I reach for them and he pulls them back.

"They are fabric cutters," I explain,"pull the orange button back."

He does it and they (miraculously) open up like scissors do. "I think these are oversize," he says.

His companion disagrees, "The guideline is 4", so they are fine."

He takes them over to a ruler and measures them. "By George, they are less than 4" so these are fine to travel with."

I take them back and say," I will just put them in my checked luggage next time."

This guy really needs a trip to Hobby Lobby in the near future!
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