Thursday, July 14, 2011

Interesting Design Element

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We made it to Connecticut yesterday afternoon just before dinner and we missed all of the New York traffic by leaving a bit early, which was very nice. I am certainly not accustomed to all of this traffic, coming from little Holland MI. We are staying in a town called Waterbury. After we had a great dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, we decided to walk around town  for a while. A cold front had gone thru and the temperature had dropped to a very pleasant 73 degrees. There were a lot of very beautiful old buildings to see, at one time, this must have been a very popular city. My pictures of the clock tower did not turn out as the sun was behind it. It felt a little strange that no one else was walking around, which is so very different from life at home.

My room has a great spot for knitting, but I had to share a picture as I don't quite know what to make of it. The sofa is orange, but it has a section that is floral and it looks odd. The back section is not even to correct height. What do you think?

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